Through incredible passion, sheer tenacity, and a bootstrap mentality, we’ve built etailz into a brand’s ultimate online growth partner. 12 years since our founding, our team remains energized by the hard-working, curious, spirited culture we’ve nurtured since day one.


etailz is a place where ideas are celebrated, employees are valued, and there is always something new and exciting to learn.

etailz is creative, supportive, engaging, empowering, and challenging. What more can you ask for in a workplace?


The etailz partnership

The lifeblood of etailz is our partners. We collaborate and
innovate as a devoted team — all while having a bit of fun.


Our mission is to be a brand’s ultimate online growth partner. We empower brands to achieve their online retail goals through innovative, proprietary technology, tailored strategies and mutually beneficial partnerships.



Kunal Chopra

Principal Executive Officer, TWEC & Chief Executive Officer, etailz

As CEO of etailz, Kunal manages the company’s strategic direction. Kunal brings over 15 years of executive experience with industry-leading companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Groupon, where he managed P&L, built teams, improved processes, and launched numerous global products and services. Kunal is passionate about the intersection of retail and technology, and brings that rigor daily to etailz.


Mitchell Bailey

Chief Operating Officer

Mitchell has played a significant role in etailz’s development throughout his time with the company. Skilled in his ability to adapt, lead, and efficiently execute, Mitchell helps lead etailz into the future. Through varying roles at etailz over the years, he has gleaned a wealth of knowledge regarding the company and the ecommerce industry.


Brock Kowalchuk

Chief Financial Officer

Brock provides financial thought leadership to etailz, drawing on his background in funding, trading, and strategy at Goldman Sachs to spur meaningful improvements across the company. Brock’s non-traditional finance background of aerospace engineering and data science equips him with a unique lens from which to question the status quo and drive financial performance.