Over the last 12 years, we’ve developed a powerful tech platform to master the marketplace, drawing on automation, machine learning, and AI to enable rapid and sustainable scaling. Now, we’re offering this platform to you.


Empower your business to work more efficiently, grow profits, and protect your brand with our expanding suite of self-service and etailz-managed software.

Ad Management

Increase your CPC marketing impact with etailz AdManager. Powered by optimization algorithms to manage your ad campaigns, AdManager automates bid setting and search term mining to maximize profitability.

Seller & Price Tracking

Monitor pricing, identify and track sellers, enforce your MAP, and combat unauthorized sellers using Perispect, our proprietary brand watch and price monitoring software.

Cost Recovery

Identify cases in which Amazon owes you money for lost or damaged product, overcharged fees, or other mismanaged inventory and recoup what’s owed to you. Channel Auditor has returned over $5MM to Amazon sellers.

Sales & Inventory Forecasting

Empower your brand with our sales prediction model to accurately forecast sales at a product-specific level. Keep your supply chain tuned to position inventory in FBA for both existing and new-to-market products without out of stocking or overstocking.

Available as Agency & Retail Service
SaaS coming in 2020

Reporting & Data

Gain access to your data and generate actionable insights. Our marketplace intelligence platform simplifies your reporting by generating a single, digestible report on finances, inventory health, catalog representation, marketing, and logistics.

Available as Agency & Retail Service
SaaS coming in 2020

Cross-Marketplace Dropship

Extend your products’ reach and protect against out-of-stock issues by using our dropship order management system to ship inventory with your own warehouse solutions.

Available as Agency & Retail Service
SaaS coming in 2020

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