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Stretch your marketing dollars further. Our expert search marketing team utilizes our proprietary softwareAdManager, and coupled with proven strategies to increase your on-marketplace exposure and drive revenue. 

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Amazon Sponsored Ads

etailz is an industry-leader in Amazon paid search marketing, leveraging Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads, and Sponsored Display Ads to drive meaningful sales growth and increase brand visibility. Enhanced by our proprietary CPC bid optimization software, AdManager, our partners’ Sponsored Product campaigns average a 30% sales increase and a 10% ACOS.

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Amazon DSP Advertising

Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) allows brands to run targeted ads on Amazon-owned websites, apps, and devices. The service uses Amazon’s first-party customer data available and can target based on custom audiences, product categories, and previous interactions with your brand . etailz leverages these audience insights and customer data to create more relevant ads that reach your customers where they are most actionable.

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Amazon Coupons

Coupons are a cost-effective way to boost conversions and accelerate sales velocity, which increases your product’s discoverability and performance on Amazon. We’ve spent years testing best practices for coupons. We use our data-backed insights to advise the most effective way to utilize coupons, including product selection, timing, discount, duration, and coordination with other marketing efforts. On average, we’ve seen coupons increase sales by 16%.

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Walmart Sponsored Products

Walmart Sponsored Products improve visibility and drive conversions on Walmart’s online marketplace is playing catch-up with Amazon, but they’re making good headway. As we saw with Amazon, brands who invest in Walmart advertising early will be better positioned to grow with the marketplace and secure a greater market share at a lower cost.

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eBay Promoted Listing

Promoted Listings allow you to boost the visibility of your eBay listings by up to 36%. Brands commit a percentage of each sale to place Promoted Listings in front of more shoppers and drive more sales. Best yet, advertisers are only charged when a product sells, so there is no wasted ad spend for this type of campaign.

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