etailz empowers brands to achieve a range of business objectives. Select a goal below and read about how we adjust our strategies to support it. 




Account Creation

New to Amazon? We’ll work with you to create your Amazon account or audit your existing one, evaluating compliance risks and streamlining your fulfillment process to establish a strong infrastructure.

Account Manager

You’ll work with a dedicated account manager that serves as your brand’s greatest advocate, advising strategy and coordinating etailz’s teams to deliver stellar service. 

Robust Reporting

Good business decisions rely on good data. We’ll provide comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports for marketing, sales, inventory, and overall competitiveness.


Search Marketing

Get more bang for your buck. We utilize etailz AdManager to optimize Amazon sponsored ads, increasing channel sales by 30% at an average return of 10:1. Our experts can also run CPC ads on Walmart and Google. 

Listing Optimization

SEO is the foundation of all marketing. Our expert team will optimize new and existing listings for discoverability and buyability, integrating relevant keywords to improve organic placement while delivering compelling copy that drives conversions.

Brand Store Creation

We’ll create an Amazon Brand Store to provide your very own curated, digital storefront. Brand Stores integrate extremely well with Sponsored Brand ads and paid social campaigns, offering shoppers a branded experience removed from the competition.

Influencer Marketing

Connect with highly relevant shoppers through our extensive influencer network. Influencers spend years earning their followers’ trust, making them ideal brand advocates. 

Paid Social Ads

Extend your reach beyond Amazon to connect with additional shoppers. Our targeted campaigns grow your audience and foster brand loyalty. 

Social Media Management

Shoppers like brands with personalities. Our talented writers can manage your brand’s social media accounts, engaging with your customers and proactively networking to continually grow your customer base. 

Creative Services

People buy what looks good, which makes superb images and stunning videos a vital component of your ecommerce strategy. Our in-house team of photographers and designers specialize in product demonstration and brand videos.


Inventory Optimization

We’ll optimize your demand planning, opportunity identification, marketplace expansion, fulfillment strategy, return rates, and create and manage shipments. 

Cost Recovery

If you use Amazon fulfillment centers, Amazon owes you money. Channel Auditor automatically identifies and files cases with Amazon for lost or damaged inventory, overcharged fees, or incorrect reimbursements to recover what’s yours.


Maintain Brand Integrity

We’ll protect your brand against IPR violations, counterfeiters, unauthorized sellers, suppressed listings, and account shutdowns. We’ll also enroll you in programs like Amazon Brand Registry, providing access to additional marketing, protective, and reporting services.

Seller & Price Tracking

Identify and track sellers and their pricing across marketplaces and in 9 countries. Perispect records and notifies you of changes in price, sellers, and seller name, empowering you with actionable insights.

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