Your Wholesale Retailer

We’ll purchase your product and use our logistical infrastructure, inventory management AI, and proven strategies to grow your brand. 

Rely on a Proven Seller

Reap the benefits of etailz’s seller history, with nearly 700,000 seller reviews, 99% positive lifetime rating, access to exclusive beta programs, and over a decade of online retail experience.

Simplify the Supply Chain

As your retailer, we’ll purchase product directly from you, manage the sales tax nexus, pay warehousing fees, and handle all logistics from the first mile to the last mile.

11+ Years Experience

Our roots are in wholesale retail. We’ve spent the last decade mastering how to operate a lean supply chain for FBA and dropship, run cost-effective marketing, and build true, mutually beneficial partnerships with leading brands.

A People-First Approach

We tailor our strategies and technologies to drive success as you define it. Whether your goal is to grow sales, improve brand integrity, or launch new products, we have the experience and tools to get the job done right.


Enjoy our full suite of retail services in a third-party retailer partnership or select services on an a la carte basis.


Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

We start all partnerships by aligning our goals and developing actionable strategies to help us reach them. You’ll work with a dedicated account manager who is committed to your success and strives to understand your brand and products so we can best represent them on marketplaces. 

New Product Launches

We’ve launched thousands of new products on online marketplaces. We offer a comprehensive First-to-Market solution for brands launching their latest products, which includes inventory management, listing creation, paid ads, and social media marketing. 

Marketplace Expansion

We have dedicated teams to help you expand your reach internationally and across all major marketplaces, including Walmart, eBay, and Amazon’s international marketplaces.


Leverage etailz’s sophisticated dropship program to offer additional products across major online marketplaces. Through dropship, we can take a more aggressive approach to your catalog to expand your presence and capture additional sales.


Inventory Planning

We utilize our proprietary sales forecasting algorithm to place consistent purchase orders and protect against out-of-stocks. We keep inventory turning regularly through FBA, dropship, and third-party channels.

Pricing Control

We partner with you on your strategy, whether that means upholding a standardized price or helping you stay competitive on Amazon through our predictive repricing models that ensure you can consistently move product.

Opportunity Identification

We can partner with you to strategically identify new product or bundle opportunities to introduce on the marketplaces.


Paid Search Campaign Management

Our expert search marketing team utilizes our proprietary software, AdManager, to automate bid management and keyword optimization, increasing your on-marketplace exposure and revenue. 

Inbound Marketing

Introduce your brand to an entirely new audiences and build brand loyalty through our paid social campaigns, influencer network, and social media management services.

Listing Optimization

We prime your listings for success through comprehensive optimization. Our SEO team will create and optimize listings with keyword-rich, compelling content to maximize your products’ visibility on the SERP and increase conversion rates.

Amazon Promotions

We can build a marketing calendar for your brand utilizing a targeted blend of Amazon-specific promotions to increase conversions. Accelerate the adoption of your products with flash sales, deals, coupons, BOGOs, and sampling.

Photography & Video

People buy what looks good. We can help your products sell quicker by utilizing our in-house team of photographers to create stunning listing photos, product demonstration videos, and brand videos.


Marketplace Compliance

Our compliance team ensures listings stay compliant with ever-evolving Amazon policies and navigates category-specific regulations, importing & exporting of goods, IPR violations, and brand registry enrollment for your brand.

Seller & Price Tracking

We can provide you our proprietary brand monitoring software, Perispect, allowing you to monitor the sellers in your listings and track their current and historical pricing. 

Review Management

Product reviews are a key step in the purchase cycle of marketplaces, and our review management solutions make sure your customers are singing your brand’s praises.

Sales Tax Compliance​

Online sellers are now responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax. Our tax experts can handle the sales tax nexus for you in all 9,998 tax jurisdictions.


There are no upfront costs to a wholesale retail partnership; we’ll purchase your product and sell it to consumers. Pricing for additional services, such as marketing or brand protection, is customized based on brand needs.

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