etailz empowers brands to achieve a range of business objectives. Select a goal below and read about how we adjust our strategies to support it. 

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Listing Optimization

Most marketing efforts are intended to drive shoppers to listings, so it’s vital that your listings are primed to receive them. Our expert SEO team will optimize new and existing listings with front-end and back-end keywords to improve organic placement while highlighting product features and benefits to drive conversions.

Creative Services

Part of preparing your listings for success are good creative assets. People buy what looks good, so we have an in-house team of photographers and designers ready to deliver superb images and stunning videos. We specialize in product demonstration and brand videos.

Brand Store Creation

We’ll create an Amazon Brand Store to provide your very own curated, digital storefront. Brand Stores integrate extremely well with Sponsored Brand ads and paid social campaigns, offering shoppers a branded experience removed from the competition.

Search Marketing

We’ll use sponsored ads to drive marketplace traffic to your listings. Our Amazon ad optimization software, etailz AdManager, dramatically increases marketing profitability, increasing channel sales by 30% at an average return of 10:1.

Paid Social Ads

While we use SEO and search marketing to enhance marketplace conversions, we’ll also run targeted ads across major social media platforms to grow your audience and increase listing traffic. Our campaigns work in tandem with your other marketing efforts to increase overall marketing performance.

Influencer Marketing

We’ll also connect you with highly relevant audiences who are more likely to convert through our extensive influencer network. Influencers spend years earning their followers’ trust, making them ideal brand advocates. 

Social Media Management

Shoppers like brands with personalities. Our talented writers can manage your brand’s social media accounts, engaging with your customers and proactively networking to continually grow your customer base. 

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