Amazon Ends Giveaways Program: Amazon Giveways Retire After October 10th  

Amazon ends giveaways

In the latest change in Amazon services, Amazon announced that it is retiring the Amazon Giveaways program. According to an Amazon email announcing the change, brands will be able to create new Giveaways through October 10th. Shoppers will be able to enter giveaways until October 17th. 

Seller Central displays the following message when brands create a new giveaway.

Amazon retires giveaways

Amazon sent the following email on September 27th to authors who have run giveaways:  


After careful consideration, Amazon Giveaway is retiring. Thank you for participating in the program. Our records show that you have credits from previous eBook giveaways. These credits can be used to create new giveaways until October 10, 2019 and customers can enter giveaways until October 17, 2019. You can also download any remaining eBook credits as Kindle claim codes from the Amazon Giveaway dashboard. Claim codes do not expire, and can be gifted through social media channels, or directly to fans, followers, friends, or family members. 

 Any unused credits that are not downloaded as claim codes will be refunded by November 30, 2019. 

The exact reasons behind the decision to retire Amazon Giveaways is unclear at this time. Giveaways had served as an excellent means to amplify visibility, pairing well with off-Amazon promotions.  

If you have questions about how the end of this program will affect your brand, reach out to etailz here or contact your etailz account manager directly.  


Amazon Giveaways is far from the only Amazon service to be “retired.” Below are just a few of the Amazon services discontinued in 2019. 

Amazon Free Samples

In November 2019, Amazon announced it would be shutting down its free sample program in 2020. The program allowed brands to identify target audiences and send shoppers free samples in the hopes of converting them into a repeat customer and/or generate word-of-mouth marketing. The program ends amid concerns over data mining and privacy.

Amazon Live 

October comes with two big changes: Giveaways and Amazon Live. Amazon recently announced that, as of October 14th, pre-recorded videos that are longer than 5 minutes and/or looped will be prohibited on Amazon Live. 

This policy update is the result of advertisers running pre-recorded videos on repeat for 24+ hours without monitoring chat, creating a poor customer experience.  

Moving forward, any pre-recorded videos broadcasted on Amazon Live cannot be looped, must be under 5 minutes, and must not appear to be pre-recorded. 

Amazon Spark 

In mid-2019, Amazon deactivated Amazon Spark, which allowed shoppers to browse through a photo-heavy feed similar to Instagram. While the spark has gone out of this Amazon service, mobile shopping continues to grow, with roughly half of US shoppers browsing on mobile. 

Amazon Restaurants 

Amazon’s ambition has taken it to great places, but in this case, it led to a dead end. With established companies like Uber and Grubhub dominating the delivery market, Amazon discontinued Amazon Restaurants in 2019. 

Amazon Storywriter 

On June 30, Amazon shut down Amazon Storywriter, which allowed film writers to create scripts and submit them directly to Amazon studios. The service had been shut down previously in 2018.