etailz AdManager automates bid management and keyword optimization for CPC ads on Amazon. To date, it has driven over $50MM in sales, with an average 10:1 return on ad spend.


Optimize CPC ads with greater precision than ever before

etailz AdManager is a bid optimization software that allows you to create cost-effective, impactful Amazon sponsored ad campaigns with ease. Guided by parameters that you define, etailz AdManager uses artificial intelligence to automatically optimize bids across all campaigns, maximizing efficiency and sales.


Tailor the algorithm’s bidding strategy by setting metrics and KPIs that support your campaign’s goals.

Maximized Efficiency

etailz AdManager automatically prioritizes your top performing keywords, driving greater returns for every cent spent. 


The platform draws on lifetime data with no expiration window to power an ever-expanding data model. 

AdManager Impact

30% increase in total sales

after marketing is optimized through etailz AdManager

10:1 ROAS

on over $50 million in
Sponsored Product sales

50% improvement in ACoS

in first three months after AdManager takes control of marketing


Bid Optimization

Create custom rules that can bid up or down daily at the keyword level based on any combination of metrics, including ACoS, ROAS, clicks, CPC, ideal CPA, ideal CPC, sales, and more.

Search Term Mining

Automatically identify high-converting search terms and add them to your list of keywords, continuously refining your campaigns.

Budget Optimization

Keep high performing campaigns running, regardless of their budget ceiling. If a campaign is exceeding your set metrics, AdManager can automatically increase the daily budget to maintain momentum.

Negative Keywords

Automatically evaluate current keywords to identify and negate low-performing terms, minimizing wasted ad spend and increasing campaign relevancy.

Day Parting

Coming soon. Target specific days and times to make your sponsored ads even more effective. Comprehensive data visibility empowers you to tailor your strategies for your shoppers.

Made by Experts

AdManager is designed by marketers for marketers. Drawing on over 11 years of ecommerce marketing experience, we’ve created our dream tool. 

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